why Ozzy doesn't love a gift? Being honest, we love presents on our birthdays, loot around the holidays, a wrapped box on those special occasions. It's simple: everyone loves receiving presents.


The other side to this coin is the shopping, and many people enjoy the challenge of choosing just the right gift to give someone else.


For those in the gift shop business, blogging is a great way to connect with customers searching for that little perfect gift for that special someone.


The Flag Lady Gift Shop: Knows Their Niche Market



The Flag Lady Gift Shop is located near Valley Forge, perfect for a shop specializing in selling flags. They use their blog to educate readers on different flags, posting stories on the history of different flags used in the area.


Often using guest bloggers to keep things interesting, Flag Lady Gifts has posted articles about the history of the British flag, which almost sold out during the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and a fascinating post on the backwards United States flag used on military uniforms. It is clear that this gift shop knows about flags and that they want to share their knowledge with their readers and connect them with other great resources found on the internet.


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